ActiveN is a true 100% liquid nitrogen – not a slurry or suspension - applied as a foliar spray. ActiveN provides plant-available nutrients for immediate uptake achieving up 80% utilisation, compared with as little as 15% for solid urea.

With 20% N,  sourced from urea, ammonia and nitrate for fast, medium and slow release, ActiveN also contains calcium, carbon, trace elements, amino acids and plant extracts. Farmer evaluated trials have shown that pasture treated with 20 ltrs of ActiveN produces a similar amount of dry matter as pasture treated with 80-100Kgs of urea.

ActiveN is better for farm soils and your bottom line. As with all Clovertone products, ActiveN has been developed on environmentally sound principles to boost feed and livestock production without damaging your soil.

Allowed/included in Zespri’s Crop Protection Standard.

Phone 0800 155 605 for technical and pricing information or arrange an on-farm visit from your local Clovertone consultant.