Growing nutrient-dense feed crops is one of the most cost-effective ways to invest in the health of your stock. Clovertone soil conditioner products offer farmers an affordable way to give crops and stock the nutrients they need, while protecting the biological activity at work in your soil.

Bring out the best in your land

Our dual-action products provide the essential ingredients and trace elements that support high yielding crops while helping beneficial soil organisms like Mycorrhiza fungi unlock the nutrients already in the soil.

When supplied with the right nutrients, crops become more pest-resistant and grow deeper tapping roots. Soil becomes more friable and supports a thriving worm population.

Our products

Clovertone products are made from ingredients sourced in New Zealand, avoiding the risk of cadmium poisoning. All our products are formulated as true liquids, increasing the speed of plant uptake and reducing volatilisation by up to 80% when compared with solid fertilisers.

The result? Nutritious feed and healthy livestock – without negative impacts on the environment.


Clovertone Products for Cropping

Clovertone, CloverGuard and ActiveN boost feed crop yields, add nutritional content to grass and feed crops while supporting biological activity in the soil.

Clovertone Plant Food 5-4-11 & 9-6-6 are liquid fertilisers used to promote crop size, colour and better quality fruit.

Retain & Sweetbrix  are foliar plant feeds to improve fruit quality and storage