Getting the right balance of nutrition for dairy cattle helps to minimise livestock stress at key times, improve milk production and prevent costly animal health issues. Often fertiliser programmes designed to produce enough grass cover, actually harm the balance of nutrients in the soil and lead to deficiencies of essential vitamin and trace elements.

Clovertone offers an approach that grows great grass, gets the right nutrients into cows and protects the biological activity in the soil.

How we can help

Our trained consultants work with farmer customers to identify the most limiting factor on each farm – the factor that prevents the enterprise from achieving its production goals. Farmers are given a tailored, affordable programme using Clovertone’s dual action products, backed up by on-going monitoring and field-testing using soil and herbage test results to map improvements.

Our products

Our products are made from ingredients sourced in New Zealand, avoiding the risk of cadmium poisoning. All our products are formulated as true liquids, increasing the speed of plant uptake and reducing volatilisation by up to 80% when compared with solid fertilisers.

The result? Healthy cows and plenty of nutrient-rich grazing without negative impacts on the environment.


Clovertone Products for Dairy Farms

Clovertone, CloverGuard, ActiveN and Lactrace boost yields, add nutritional content to grass and feed crops while supporting biological activity in the soil.

Maxamate is an oral nutritional supplement that enables optimum livestock performance by supplying ten essential minerals and trace elements in each dose.