Growing high-yielding, nutritious crops for human consumption begins with healthy soil. Clovertone’s liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner products replenish all the essential nutrients and trace elements quickly and efficiently, bringing soil back to full productivity.

Clovertone liquid products are more than a cost-effective alternative to solid fertiliser programmes. Our dual-action products boost crop yields as well as supporting soil biology to unlock the nutrients already in your soil. We call it the Clovertone difference – additional productivity without an extra cost on your bottom line.

Responsible Use

Fast plant uptake of nutrients means less volatilisation, more efficient nutrient usage and a reduced risk of run-off or leaching. Responsible use of fertiliser is defined by maximising the efficiency of nutrient use to avoid or minimise adverse environmental impacts and increase overall production efficiency. In other words, if you are getting a good commercial yield response – liquid and less is best.

Our products

Clovertone products are made from ingredients sourced in New Zealand, avoiding the risk of cadmium poisoning.

The result? Nutritious crops without negative impacts on the environment.


Clovertone Products for Horticulture

Clovertone, Cloverguard and ActiveN boost yields, reduce leaf insect pressure and add nutritional content to food crops while supporting biological activity in the soil.

Clovertone Plant Food 5-4-11 & 9-6-6 are liquid fertilisers used to promote crop size, colour and better quality produce.

Retain & Sweetbrix  are foliar plant feeds to improve crop quality and storage