To produce export quality, nutritionally dense, better tasting fruit you need healthy, biologically active soil. The application of 700kg to 900kg of synthetic fertiliser every growing season often leads to anaerobic, compacted soil that contains a high proportion of nutrients locked up and unavailable for plant uptake.

Clovertone produces liquid nutrients formulated to give plants all the nutrients they need for healthy growth while supporting the activity of Mycorrhiza fungi populations in the soil. These fungi have a symbiotic relationship with plants, directly feeding nutrients in their most easily absorbable form to plant root systems in exchange for carbon.

We call it the Clovertone difference – lower inputs offering sustainable additional productivity without the extra cost on your bottom line.

How we can help

Our trained consultants work with growers to identify the most limiting factor on each orchard – the factor that prevents the enterprise from achieving its production goals. Growers are given a tailored, affordable programme using Clovertone’s dual action products, backed up by on-going monitoring and field-testing using soil and herbage test results to map improvements.

Ask our consultants to set up a controlled trial of Clovertone products on your orchard and see the results for yourself.

Our products

Clovertone products are made from ingredients sourced in New Zealand, avoiding the risk of cadmium poisoning. Formulated as true liquids, our products increase the speed of plant uptake and reducing volatilisation by up to 80% when compared with solid fertilisers. Foliar nutrition delivers quick, effective results no matter what the conditions.

The result? Strong, healthy plants and high quality crops – without negative impacts on the environment.


Clovertone Products for Orchards

We have a range of professional products approved by Zespri and designed for use in commercial orchards.

Clovertone, Kiwiguard, ActiveN   boost yields, add nutritional content to crops while boosting biological activity in the soil.

Clovertone plant food 5-4-11 and 9-5-6 are true 100% liquid NPK fertilisers. They contain Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium and trace elements in a base of seaweed and plant extracts formulated for immediate plant uptake.

AminoN is an amino acid nitrogen that provides plants with a readily absorbed source of amino acids to increase bud and cell division.

Sweetbrix is a high potassium liquid foliar plant food  which provides a rapid source of K. Sweetbrix lifts the brix level of fruit and improves colour and maintaining quality.

Retain is a calcium boron mix that helps maintain fruit quality during storage. With 18% Calcium and 0.2% Boron, Retain is used to hold citrus fruit on trees. It is applied just prior to expected rain.