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Reports from the Farm Gate


Dairy nutrients for better production

Getting the right balance of nutrition for dairy cattle helps to minimise livestock stress at key times, improve milk production and prevent costly animal health issues. Often fertiliser…


More grass at half the input costs

Steve Davis’ 60 ha dairy unit in the Waikato had been in a solid fertiliser program for as long as he could remember.In June 2011 he decided to try a different approach using Clovertone…


Fruit size up and rejects down for Te Puna

After three seasons of using Kiwiguard and Clovertone Plant Food 5-4-11, the average kiwifruit size on Howard Pegden’s orchard has gone up and rejects have reduced from 18% to only 7%….


Fungicide-free storage for carrot grower

Christchurch carrot grower Nigel Greenwood is so confident about the quality of his produce that he has stopped applying fungicides before storage -and this will be his fourth season without them…