Whether your aim is to grow enough grass to feed your stock or boost crop yields for animal and human consumption, there’s one thing every profitable enterprise needs – healthy soil.

Clovertone’s dual-action soil conditioning products have been developed to add liquid nutrients to the soil in a way that is immediately available for plant uptake. At the same time, our products support the soil fungi populations that release key-locked minerals and deliver them directly to plant root systems.
Clovertone products offer a sound alternative to conventional solid fertiliser and urea – the over-application of which ultimately leads to lifeless, anaerobic soils. Our product range also provides ways to boost clover populations, guard against biting insect damage and supply plants with all the nutrients and trace elements they need to thrive – while protecting the life in your soil.


Clovertone Products

Clovertone, CloverGuard, KiwiGuard, ActiveN and Lactrace boost yields, add nutritional content to grass and feed crops while supporting biological activity in the soil.

Clovertone plant food 5-4-11 and 9-5-6 are true 100% liquid NPK fertilisers. They contains Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium and trace elements in a base of seaweed and plant extracts formulated for immediate plant uptake.

Maxamate is an oral nutritional supplement which enables optimum livestock performance by supplying ten essential minerals and trace elements in each dose.