Kiwiguard is a 100% soluble solution containing all the essential nutrients required for optimal plant growth.   Allowed/included in Zespri’s Crop Protection Standard for use on Kiwifruit, the dual-action product boosts soil fertility while supporting the growth of Mycorrhiza fungi populations which release the nutrients locked up in your soil.

Kiwiguard is a complex blend of ingredients that provides nutrients to support plant and fruit growth. It contains a repellent that deters birds at bud burst.  Kiwiguard maximises plant nutrient reserves. A post-harvest application of Kiwiguard provides 85-95% of the essential elements for stronger more fertile blossoms.  Kiwiguard also assists with calcium movement into the developing fruitlets. Can be used for birds until pre-flowering.

Farmer-evaluated trials show yield increases of up to 35%, with rejects down to 8%.

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