After four years without applying solid fertiliser on his 88ha dairy farm in Taupiri, Andrew Hayes has just beaten the Waikato average grass production of 11.2 DM/ha by almost 60%. In the 2012-13 season, his dry matter hit 17.7DM/ha with only 30-40N applied. Andrew attributes much of his success to the Clovertone liquid nutrients which he uses instead of a conventional solid fertiliser programme – at around 30% of the […]

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Steve Davis’ 60 ha dairy unit in the Waikato had been in a solid fertiliser program for as long as he could remember. In June 2011 he decided to try a different approach using Clovertone – a nutrient rich soil conditioning solution – and ActiveN – a true liquid nitrogen – to support pasture growth in one paddock. Based on the sustained results from this trial, Steve has decided to […]

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Getting the right balance of nutrition for dairy cattle helps to minimise livestock stress at key times, improve milk production and prevent costly animal health issues. Often fertiliser programmes designed to produce enough grass cover, actually harm the balance of nutrients in the soil and lead to deficiencies of essential vitamin and trace elements. Clovertone offers an approach that grows great grass, gets the right nutrients into cows and protects […]

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